Prevention is key expect more than just a cleaning
Oral Examinations/Assessment
During your appointment we will review your medical history to make sure there are no medical conditions that could influence your treatment. If there is, we will take precautions and make appropriate referrals, assess the condition of your head, neck, tongue, gums, teeth, and other areas of your mouth. We will refer you to a medical professional if we detect anything unusual, such as a sore or lesion that may indicate early stages of oral cancers. 
Clean your teeth to remove plaque, bacteria and hardened or calcified plaque build-up (tarter). If not removed this may cause swollen and inflamed gums, and pain and ultimately, loss of teeth. 
If your gums bleed, the infection can travel through the blood stream or airway increasing your changes of heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases and premature or low birthweight babies. Gum disease can also make it hard to control diabetes.
There are several in-office fluoride applications that will be offered to you depending on the assessment. A fluoride can be applied to strengthen your teeth in the prevention of decay as well as sensitivity.
Polishing your teeth to remove stains, if required.
Pit and fissure sealants are offered to children while teeth are developing to prevent tooth decay. A filling-like material is applied by an in-office procedure to the deep grooves of their permanent teeth before the tooth may get a cavity.
Take-home and other professional teeth whitening services including Zoom! Whitening. Profesional whitening that over the counter strips can't match. Feel good and look great with a whiter smile. Call us to set-up a free smile evaluation and find out more.
Zoom! Consent form(to be filled out and brought in)